Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time Is Flying!

Hi all!
I just can't believe it has been so long since I updated my blog. Forgive me. We have been on the run like many of you. Had a wonderful time on Mackinac Island for a couple of days and have also been to Elk Rapids and Sugatuck, Michigan. We are currently camping a few miles from our home. We have been here for two weeks almost a necessity to get a decent campsite. In the two weeks here, we have dodging severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. I LOVE thunder storms, but not in a motorhome! Unfortunately, last week one man was killed in a campground not far from here after his motorhome was thrown into a tree, I believe. One night while sitting here, the tornado siren went off, the wind rocked the motorhome and the power went out. I looked at my husband and said "get me out of here!!!!" Unfortunately, we only had our little ranger pickup truck with us. He threw our two golden retrievers in the front seat with us (it only seats two) and struggled to drive home as our dog kept on throwing the truck out of gear by running into the stick shift. It seems funny now, but at the time quite scary.

I have been working on several pieces, but wanted to share this one with you. It is called Blessing of the Animals. This is a ceremony that takes place once a year on Mackinac Island during Lilac Festival. I couldn't resist painting these two darling girls having their dog blessed by the minister. Notice he wears gloves. He also blessed turtles and horses.

This weekend we are having our kids and their boyfriends/girlfriends out for a cookout and fireworks show put on by the campground. Hope the weather cooperates.
Happy 4th of July to everyone and stay safe.
Till next time,


Carol Andre' said...

Love this piece Gail, and the fudge maker one too! Neat new ideas.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Very nice work, Gail! There is an event in Austin every year that my daughter takes her little dog, Zita to.

Yikes that sounds like some storm! Glad you got home safely. Sounds like you have a fun filled weekend planned. Happy Fourth!