Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Time

Time is flying by as usual. I have been keeping very busy with several commissions for Christmas presents. Since they are presents, I don't feel I can post them at this time. I would hate to spoil someone's surprise.
I was very honored to learn that my painting Eastern Market Morn won honorable mention at the Scarab Club Gold Medal show this past week. Competition includes some of Detroit's finest artists. It is always heartwarming to have a miniature stand up to the big boys!
Thanksgiving at our house this year was very quiet. My husband had some extensive surgery a week before Thanksgiving and wasn't up to much of anything. That was OK. In Michigan we have a bavarian town about 45 minutes from our home that is noted for great chicken dinners. We we fortunate to have our son pick up a carry out of chicken, mashed potatoes, dressing-the whole works! All we had to do was heat and serve. We spent the day in front of the fireplace eating and watching old movies. Quite relaxing.
This year I am thankful for many things, especially that my husband is on the mend. Yesterday we starting putting up Christmas decorations. I love the extra lights this time of year. The weather here has been quite dreary with pouring rain the last couple of days.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday week and able to spend quality time with relatives.
Till next time,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

My backyard, wow, most leaves are down!
Wow, where to begin after not updating in so long? I am not even going to try to describe all that we have done since June. Well, we did finish the front lawn, actually just last week as every time we put sod down, it would burn up before it finally knitted to the soil. So, we gave up until a couple of weeks ago. Glad it is over.
My husband and I made several trips to both Mackinac Island and Elk Rapids to paint in front of my galleries. We met many wonderful friends along the way. We still have one more trip to Mackinac Island and will be staying on the island for two days due to a gift certificate from an artist friend.
Below are just some of the paintings I have completed over the summer. Till next time,
Hollyhock Heaven 3-1/2" x 4-3/4"
Carriage House 3-1/2" x 4-3/4"
Grand Fountain 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So What Have You Been Doing For Fun?

It has been quite a while since my last post and we have been busy. Already this year we have spent time on Mackinac Island. My dear husband bought me a new bike ,on the island for mothers day. I love it! It is called a Biria, very unique design that reminds me a lot of the bike I had when I was a girl. We were having so much fun riding around on the island I did not take any pictures-go figure.
Weather the last few weeks has been strange. Lots of 50 degree days with buckets of rain. Finally, we got some warm weather and sun. With it came a ton of work around our house. Last fall we had an issue with one of the walls of our home and basically I had more bulldozers on my lawn than on the road. Bottom line-I lost most of my lawn and flower garden-uh!!! Three weeks ago we guilted our two grown children into helping us and we stripped off the old lawn/weeds and laid down new sod on about half the lawn. My back has been killing me ever since. Hopefully, in the next week or so we will have the job done. I can't wait.

In between all the yard work we spent a day in Elk Rapids and I painted for my gallery there, Twisted Fish. It was their Art Beat gallery hopping day. The weather was wonderful and I met many wonderful people. I always enjoy talking the Bob and "Charlie", the owners who have become friends over the years.

I will be camping this coming weekend in Mackinaw City and painting on the island at Victorian Summer Gallery ,Saturday and Sunday, as part of the Lilac Festival Celebration. I am looking forward to seeing the many friends I have made on the island as well as meeting new friends. The kids will get watering duty back home! I will be delivering Rain On Main, one of my latest pieces of Main Street, taken from a photo of a very rainy fall day. I was inspired to paint this scene because of the reflections on the pavement. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Till next time,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

This and That

Those of you who have been following this blog are aware that I was accepted as a member of The Scarab Club in downtown Detroit last summer. I was again honored, recently with acceptance of two of my miniatures and an award for The Blacksmith at the Scarab Club's current show entitled Working Class Heroes. My husband and I attended the opening reception shown below. It was very well attended!

I love the Scarab Club building. It is chocked full of wonderful murals, art and stained glass windows and screens.

The Scarab Club was founded in 1907 by a group of artists and art lovers who enjoyed meeting regularly to discuss art and socialize. The desire to form an arts organization in Detroit during the first third of the 20th century was partially intertwined with the birth of automotive design and the evolution of advertising art inspired by the burgeoning automobile industry. Although generally viewed as a heavily industrial city, Detroit’s artistic community thrived from the success of the automobile.
Many of the original founding members of the Scarab Club consisted of automotive designers, advertising illustrators, graphic artists, photographers, architects, and automobile company owners. Scarab Club members inspired each others’ artistic spirit by entering their artwork in the Annual Exhibition of Michigan Artists held at the Detroit Institute of Arts under the auspices of the Scarab Club from 1911 to 1928 and the DIA from 1929 to 1974.
Besides hosting various events, such as the costumed Scarab Club balls for members and others to attract the general public, the Scarab Club managed working artist studios that still continue today. Since its founding in 1907, the Scarab Club continues to be a driving force in the artistic community and is proud to serve Michigan as a cultural stimulant for artistic diversity in the 21st century.

The Blacksmith

Driving the Mules

Well, we finally got fed up with the weather around here and spent 10 days in Florida. We camped at DisneyWorld and just soaked up the sun and warmth. It felt wonderful. Driving home on Monday we faced SNOW in Michigan. What a shock going from 90 degrees to 32! Luckily, the weather is improving and soon all the seasonal galleries will be full of collectors. back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Hybernating

As I am writing this blog, my husband and I are parked in front of our wood burning stove vowing not to move. We have warned the dogs NOT to ask to go outside (we know that will only last so long) and are even sitting under blankets. Although daylight savings time officially starts at 2am, you would never know it by our weather. Today it has rained, snowed, sleet, you name it, we have had it. It is the kind of day where the damp settles into your bones and stays. I must be getting old!
I have been painting non-stop for the past month. I am currently working on 3 paintings to enter in Michigan competitions. These three are very complicated images that have taken forever. I really enjoy the challenge. I have also completed a couple of paintings for Mackinac Island and three for Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Mich. Aside from the weather on days like today, Michigan is a great place to live. This state provides a tremendous variety of images to paint from. I am never bored.
The big news from the Hayton household is that our son, Jeff is officially engaged. They leave home? I thought that was a myth! Seriously, he is marrying a very nice girl and we are happy for both of them.
My latest pieces are below. They are both acrylic and measure 3-1/2 inches by 4-3/4". A bit larger than my normal format. Who knew painting an extra inch or so could take so long. Go figure.
Till next time,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts

As I am sitting here writing this blog I notice that according to the icon on my computer, it is currently 19 degrees outside. This is a heat wave!!! Like much of the country we have been experiencing challenging weather. We have had single digit highs and freezing rain with several inches of snow. Such is the life of a Michigander every year! It seems like ages ago now, that our family traveled to Disney World early in January. The following pictures are the walk we took through our condo complex on the way to breakfast the morning we were leaving to come home. I am really bad about remembering to take pictures. This particular morning was cloudy, but warm by Michigan standards and a pleasant walk. While in Florida, our kids hit the parks every day while we just soaked up the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it never got warm enough to put the top down on our Jeep;maybe next time.

Since returning home I have been working long hours in my studio preparing for May on Mackinac Island when tourism begins in earnest. Today, I only have one finished piece to share as I have many 90% complete works of art. I do this quite often. Work on something and then throw it on the shelf for a few weeks. It helps me to see my work with fresh eyes! The piece below is called On A Clear Day and believe it or not, I did not embellish the colors at all-it really was that beautiful the day I took this shot. We were touring the fort up on the bluff and this is a view of the town and harbot below. Can't wait for spring!
I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the solitude of Winter.

Till next time,