Monday, February 15, 2010

The Ultimate Test

Well, in the past couple of days I have been working on the above painting. I have been taking gouache out for the ultimate test drive! A lot of the paintings I do are highly detailed architectural landscapes. I have found it difficult to get the level of detail I have desired-thus one of the reasons for experimenting with gouache. I found this painting to be a challenge, especially since it is only my 3rd in gouache. All in all, though I was pleased with where the gouache is taking me. I had a very intense day in my studio as I really wanted to complete this piece and post it. Tell me what you think! It is called Autumn on Bogan Lane and is 3-1/2 inches wide x 2-1/2 inches high.
Cheers, from gloomy Michigan

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Adventures in Gouache

I spent quite a bit of time in my studio this week and continued my adventures in gouache. One painting I turned into a frisbee out of frustration, one I finished (shown above) and I will complete another one tomorrow. All in all not bad. Its like anything else, there is a learning curve to working in another medium, not matter what the change is. Paint was too thin or paint sunk into the paper and disappeared. I'll get it eventually.
I am really getting anxious for spring. I don't mind the snow and cold, but the dark days without sunlight are making me want to sleep. The only advantage to this time of year is not having to spend time gardening. I like gardening, but it takes time out of the studio. So much for a balanced life!
Till next time,
p.s. the above painting is called Hidden Retreat and is 2 -1/2 x 3 -1/2

Monday, February 1, 2010

Adventures in Gouache

Well, I felt like my art was at a bit of a standstill. I think most artists are never satisfied with their work. I have been struggling to get a softer, more detailed look with my acrylics with the emphasis on stuggling. Don't get me wrong, I have been fortunate enough to win awards for my work, but I am dissatisfied! Last week I decided to paint a gazebo scene using gouache (opaque watercolor) and the end results are posted above. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and found that I could get better detail with the gouache than acrylic. Some of my fellow miniature artists have given this piece high marks. Although it still looks like my work, it is more detailed. Let me know what you think!

It was very cold and damp in my studio today. Even my dogs were piled up against each other looking for warmth. My husband was doing computer work today, in anticipation of taxes ,while wrapped up in a quilt. No wonder retirees move to Florida! Anyway, I did start a second gouache piece, but its too soon to tell how it is going. I finally quit painting and wrapped up in a quilt of my own. Oh well,there is always tomorrow.

Till next time,