Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Rabbit Ears

This is a photo of me with Carol Andre taken about a week ago West of Traverse City. The tree reminds me of big rabbit ears. Carol and I had a great time paintings, talking and climbing over art supplies and golden retrievers as we were painting in our motorhome. Just a bit tight for space. It was in the 40's outside and sleet and rain prevailed most of the time we were there! Sadly, the morning this picture was taken, it was time for home.
It takes about 5 hours in our motorhome pulling a Jeep to get home. I have noticed the most amazing thing this year. About 2 hours from home, I start coughing, sneezing and wheezing. Now if this was 5 years ago I would say smog-no doubt. But, with manufacturing at a standstill I can't blame smog. I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Mackinac City at the very tip of the lower peninsula. She said before the mid 50's, when the Mackinac Bridge opened, people from lower Michigan would come up and pitch tents at the tip of the state and get seasonal jobs to escape their allergies and asthma. Guess I should consider that next year!
Mackinac Island has pretty much closed for the season and I called my gallery guy to wish him a good trip to Va. where he spends the winter. Guess there was a bit of excitement about a week ago. The last ferry boat heading to the mainland lost its engine in a very strong wind and high waves. It took about an hour to get the engine started. Meanwhile, they were being tossed around and taking on water. Glad I wasn't on that boat. This does not happen often. Don't let it stop you from visiting the island.
I am currently working on winter pieces for a holiday show at Twisted Fish Gallery. The week has gone something like cough, sneeze, paint. Even the dog is scratching!!! Oh well, Winter is coming and we can all complain about that soon.
till next time (sooner)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Time is Flying

Wow has it really been a month since I last posted!! The older I get, the faster time goes by. It has been a busy month. The above painting is one of two pieces sent to the MPSGS show in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I did not make the deadline for MASF. My up North galleries are still keeping me busy. Can't complain!! I was very excited to learn I will have a show on Mackinac Island at the Victorian Summer Gallery next Labor Day weekend. I am very honored to be given this opportunity. Now the work begins.
Saturday, my husband and I made a quick trip to Traverse City (Elk Rapids) to paint during Art Beat gallery open houses at Twisted Fish Gallery. I met many wonderful people and had an opportunity to discuss exactly what a miniature is. Many people were interested to learn of the 1/6th scale guideline. This is becoming more important as of late, because I see a shift by artists to smaller format paintings. These are small paintings as opposed to miniature paintings. It is always fun to watch the amazement of people at the small size and detail of a miniature painting. I had several people tell me that my paintings looked like photographs. I told them that was the idea!
I currently have several paintings in process in my studio. I am finishing up a commission and two other paintings for Victorian Summer Gallery. I am also painting Winter scenes for Twisted Fish Gallery holiday show beginning November 1st.
Next week we are off to camp on Lake Lelanau, West of Traverse City. This is a beautiful inland lake that we camp on every year. I think this year it may be snowing!! During our camping trip we are going to meet up with Carol Andre. We have never met face to face but we talk quite often and have a lot in common. Really looking forward to meeting her.
Once back from camping it will be time to winterize the motorhome, and start putting lawn furniture away. I can't believe it, but Winter is coming.
Till next time,