Monday, December 7, 2009

Shamir has an operation

Well, we are slowly getting ready for Christmas, but in the meantime, life goes on. My daughter's horse spent the day at Michigan State University Vet School. Shamir is 19 years old and is being treated for a tumor behind his front leg. Shamir has always had a mole in this location, but a few months ago it blew up into a baseball size tumor. This is his second treatment at the hospital. Medicine, even in animals has progressed in amazing ways. After knocking him out-strapped in a sling so he can't fall over, they place beads the size of peas inside the tumor to shrink it. Today they placed 12 beads inside Shamir. The great news we got today is that the tumor is shrinking so well that they don't think they will have to go in and remove the tumor. Best news of all is that tests showed it is not cancer!!! This picture was taken at the hospital just as he was waking up!! My husband had just given him peppermint candy (his favorite) and he is begging. In this picture he looks like a mule. In reality he is a very beautiful horse. For those wondering Shamir is an Arab. I don't know what his name stands for. We bought him when he was 4 years old and kept the name.
Hope everyone is having is a wonderful December. We are supposed to get snow the rest of the week!!!
Till next time,


Mona said...

Yay for Shamir! So glad to hear he is going to be fine.

Gail Hayton said...

Thanks Mona,
We were happy as well. He is a sweet animal. I need to paint more horses. Actually, horses are what got me painting after years of putting art on the back burner.

Carol Andre' said...

So glad it all went well and happy news. Hope it's a good omen for the new year!
Merry Christmas dear friend.