Monday, November 23, 2009

Is It Thanksgiving Already?

Wow! It has been another month, and I had promised to update this blog on a much more regular basis. Just completed more paintings for Twisted Fish Gallery holiday show and have shifted to island views. Seems very strange working ahead one or two seasons. The above painting was from a photo taken near Woodstock , Vermont. I love Vermont and would really like to secure a gallery in that area as an excuse to return. Woodstock has been voted one of the prettiest small towns in the US on more than one occasion. I agree. My husband and I went on a sleigh ride on a particularly brisk day. It was well worth freezing a couple of toes over.

I have been enjoying the serenity of fall and secluding myself in my studio. It is amazing that I don't seem to mind working for days at a time without leaving the house even though I am a very social person. Creativity occupies the mind.
Besides painting I have spent time shoveling out my house for the holidays. Shortly after Thanksgiving we start decorating for Christmas. My husband has a rather large collection of nutcrackers. I think they are strange things, but my husband loves his collection so I arrange it for his enjoyment. Complete with snow and lights!
I recently bought some Verithin colored pencils and plan on doing some small flower and fruit pieces in the evenings with my feet up on the loveseat. If I finish anything worthwhile, I will post in the future.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and PROMISE to update my blog in a week!! Honest
Till then,

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