Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Adventures in Gouache

I spent quite a bit of time in my studio this week and continued my adventures in gouache. One painting I turned into a frisbee out of frustration, one I finished (shown above) and I will complete another one tomorrow. All in all not bad. Its like anything else, there is a learning curve to working in another medium, not matter what the change is. Paint was too thin or paint sunk into the paper and disappeared. I'll get it eventually.
I am really getting anxious for spring. I don't mind the snow and cold, but the dark days without sunlight are making me want to sleep. The only advantage to this time of year is not having to spend time gardening. I like gardening, but it takes time out of the studio. So much for a balanced life!
Till next time,
p.s. the above painting is called Hidden Retreat and is 2 -1/2 x 3 -1/2


Mona said...

Gail, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the next one too!

Gail Hayton said...

Thanks Mona,
The next piece is totally different-so we will see if I can make the gouache work for a more architectural piece.