Friday, February 4, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts

As I am sitting here writing this blog I notice that according to the icon on my computer, it is currently 19 degrees outside. This is a heat wave!!! Like much of the country we have been experiencing challenging weather. We have had single digit highs and freezing rain with several inches of snow. Such is the life of a Michigander every year! It seems like ages ago now, that our family traveled to Disney World early in January. The following pictures are the walk we took through our condo complex on the way to breakfast the morning we were leaving to come home. I am really bad about remembering to take pictures. This particular morning was cloudy, but warm by Michigan standards and a pleasant walk. While in Florida, our kids hit the parks every day while we just soaked up the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it never got warm enough to put the top down on our Jeep;maybe next time.

Since returning home I have been working long hours in my studio preparing for May on Mackinac Island when tourism begins in earnest. Today, I only have one finished piece to share as I have many 90% complete works of art. I do this quite often. Work on something and then throw it on the shelf for a few weeks. It helps me to see my work with fresh eyes! The piece below is called On A Clear Day and believe it or not, I did not embellish the colors at all-it really was that beautiful the day I took this shot. We were touring the fort up on the bluff and this is a view of the town and harbot below. Can't wait for spring!
I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the solitude of Winter.

Till next time,


DEB said...

I love that view of the island! Isn't it great to take a trip someplace warm like FL in the winter?! I still rely on memories of our Carribean cruise last month to get me through the chilly moments on my crossing guard corner!

Gail Hayton said...

Thanks Deb, I love this view of the island as well. Hope to do a few more from this vantage point. I painted this now to pretend to soak up the sun!