Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Hybernating

As I am writing this blog, my husband and I are parked in front of our wood burning stove vowing not to move. We have warned the dogs NOT to ask to go outside (we know that will only last so long) and are even sitting under blankets. Although daylight savings time officially starts at 2am, you would never know it by our weather. Today it has rained, snowed, sleet, you name it, we have had it. It is the kind of day where the damp settles into your bones and stays. I must be getting old!
I have been painting non-stop for the past month. I am currently working on 3 paintings to enter in Michigan competitions. These three are very complicated images that have taken forever. I really enjoy the challenge. I have also completed a couple of paintings for Mackinac Island and three for Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Mich. Aside from the weather on days like today, Michigan is a great place to live. This state provides a tremendous variety of images to paint from. I am never bored.
The big news from the Hayton household is that our son, Jeff is officially engaged. They leave home? I thought that was a myth! Seriously, he is marrying a very nice girl and we are happy for both of them.
My latest pieces are below. They are both acrylic and measure 3-1/2 inches by 4-3/4". A bit larger than my normal format. Who knew painting an extra inch or so could take so long. Go figure.
Till next time,

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Tracy Hall said...

Beautiful work Gail!