Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Freeze

Wow!!! I guess everyone is freezing right now. I am very content to work in my studio. Well, kindda. My studio has a huge window facing North with a cathedral ceiling and skylight. I can't keep it warm! When I walk in my studio in the morning, I swear I can see my breath. This room used to be my mother's bedroom when she lived with us before she passed away. She always complained about how cold it was. I thought it was an old age thing. Sorry mom, you were right. I am currently using a space heater to keep warm. Even the dogs, my constant companions, are staying out of the room.
Speaking of dogs, 2010 is starting out with more vet bills. Yikes. Renji, our younger golden (my son named him) cracked a nail running outside in the ice and snow. The nail split up into the quick. He was in tremendous pain. So, Thursday he went to the vet to be knocked out and the nail removed. Friday he refused to put his weight on the foot and ran around on 3 legs. Today he is finally starting to act normal.
Before Christmas I started this portrait of Duck, a full-blood Cherokee Indian who lives on Mackinac Island. Duck is quite the character. He leads most of the parades on the island riding a beautiful paint horse. Duck makes all his own deer skin costumes. He is very patient with people like me taking reference photos of him and I learned a great deal about him during his setting. My friend, Bill Murcko has done several portraits of Duck, in a much larger format and my challenge was to see what I could do in miniature. This painting is a work in progress. Yes, I know, most portait artists do the hard part, the face, first. Leave it to me to be backward. Actually, I had a good reason for doing so. This painting is on gessoboard by Ampersand, a surface I was not used to working on. Anyway, I hope to complete Duck's portrait week.

Sometimes I get confused at what season it is. Below, is a piece I completed just before the holidays. The piece is call Grand Misty Morning. It is an image of the stair leading out of the Grand Hotel. All the pots are part of a florist shop attached to the hotel. I really enjoyed working on this piece and I hope that comes through in the work.

Looking forward to the end of the week. My husband and I are going to Florida for a week and during that time, will be attending the MASF show. Even though everyone is complaining about the temperatures in Florida, they can't compare to Michigan. I will have new photos to show when I get back.
Till next time,


Barbara A. Freeman said...

Nice work Gail. I like the way you have a peek of the awning showing in Grand Misty Morning. It makes me feel like I'm standing under it looking out at the beautiful gardens.

Enjoy the MASF show and the warmer weather!

Gail Hayton said...

Thanks Barbara,
That is just the feeling I was trying to portray. Fun to work on when its 2 below!

Carol Andre' said...

Gail, love the latest of the Grand. Love your colors and a nice different perspective. Great start on Duck. Good luck with the face.